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Welcome To The Official Hanover Ultimate Frisbee Webpage
For those of you who don't know what ultimate frisbee is, i suggest you read about it by clicking on the ABOUT ULTIMATE link on the left side of the page. Hanover High School has had an ultimate team for about 6 1/2 years now, and with any luck this year will be our best year yet. Last years captain Eric Greenwood, will be continueing his term this year with the help of Matt Lehet, that is, assuming he decides to come to practice this season. Look on the TEAM INFO page for more information about this years season.
Team News
In this weeks news, new rule past by the athletic department, we can no longer have practices without adult supervision, thanks to some awesome player who told their mother that "someone fainted at practice and no adult was their to help him" so whoever you are...youre off the team. everybody better vote for player of the week so colby stops getting it!
Current Team Roster
Matt Leahet-Senior
Eric Greenwood-Senior
Tim Rose-Senior
Billy Noseworthy-Senior
Tom Li-Senior
Jon Tierney-Senior
Jimmy McNally-Senior
Andy Lee-Senior
Mike Mastandino-Junior
Mike Nichel-Junior
Luke Ramus-Junior
Nate Kenton-Junior
Brian Linehan-Junior
Sam Merker-Junior
Chris Egner-Junior
Greg Brentrup-Junior
Olivia Arbogast-Junior
Will Henderson-Frost-Junior
Susanna Taylor-Junior(Fall Only)
Alexi Ernstoff-Junior(spring only)
Steve Kenton-Sophmore
Adam Simpson-Sophmore(Fall Only)
Joelle Kellum-Sophmore
Trav Fryer-Sophmore
Andrew Hogue-Freshmen
Colby Clarkson-Freshmen
Matt Ybarra-Freshmen
Harper Bokum-Fauth-Freshmen
Willy Stein-Freshmen
Ryan Shaughnessy-Freshmen
Jacob Reibel-Freshmen
Dan Hopkins-Freshmen
Luke Kraus-Freshmen
Meredith Noseworthy-Freshmen
Jo Belbruno-Freshmen
Curtis Layton-Freshmen
Tommy Weir-Freshmen
Cliff Roberts-Freshmen
Ray Addante-Freshmen
Alex Kermond-Freshmen
Wes Rice-Freshmen
Sam Ahlis-Freshmen
Keegan Harris-Freshmen

Upcomeing Tournament Info.
we have a big tournament at Newton South Mass. on October 26th...Talk to eric matt or me about that, especially if you think your parents can drive!
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Things To Remember
the next time tim is playing d on me...hes gunna get it in the face!(and i dont only meen the frisbee)...anybody who didnt know that the tournamnet was cancled, should learn to go to practice. all those who would like to participate in the building of marcus's cave...email me

Player Of The Week
colby, for being the only person that voted!! ahha yeah colby
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